This page is for those people who are unable to figure out what this blog is about by actually reading the posts. You know those people, who stare blankly at words, not comprehending that they might have meaning. So they click that thing at the top that says “About” hoping that it will offer some explanation.

Unfortunately, they just find more words.

For those of you who do have a working understanding of language, read on to find more out about this thingy you are reading.

This is a blog.

A blog is an internet based journal of sorts, with the intention to be read, as opposed to being private. In simpler terms, you read blogs. I write a blog. This is that blog.

I am the writer of this blog. If you want to know more about me, find my face and click it. Otherwise pretend I’m a guy sitting in an apartment in 1950’s New York smoking a cigarette. Also I’m wearing a hat. A cool one. It’s dark outside, and the alleyway reeks of heroine. If I don’t sell this novel, I don’t get to eat. There’s desperation in my typing.

Then my Mom brings me a Hot Pocket.

This blog has words in it.

Those words are meant to make you laugh. Or if not laugh, subtly tickle your brain in a non-creepy way. The “content” is hard to describe, because it’s not like I’m writing film reviews or discussing philosophy. No, I’m just typing random things that I think are funny for some reason and hoping that strangers agree with me.

New posts are posted every Wednesday at 5:00 am. I expect everyone to sit at their computer at 4:59 and start hitting refresh repeatedly. Short of that, I’d be happy if you just read the thing. And posted a comment. Comments are so fantastic. Like meth. Comments are like meth, and who doesn’t want to be a meth dealer? Everyone wishes they were a meth dealer. Well now’s your chance!



This Is Where Words Happen

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