Whew.┬áDelicious. What was that? Oh sorry, I could here over ALL THIS FOOD I’M CHEWING. Look at it. Look at it! For a college student this is amazing. Food. It’s so good. Keeps me alive if you know what I mean. ATP in my cells and all that.

Anyway last week I wrote about three different posts, but none of then were funny and I got busy. My bad. Should have one up by tomorrow, assuming something funny happens. Or interesting. Probably disgusting.


The Author of this blog, a true gentleman.


My Run Today

I went for a run today. I really would appreciate it if you weren’t so surprised. I actually run a lot. Jerks. Anyway it was getting dark, and when it’s dark its possible to see into people’s houses when the lights are on. Normally you’d see a nice family dinner, or a classy threesome. Not today. Today, I got to see Bob’s Big Boy. Staring at me. Through the window. At that moment I smelled something completely awful. But that was probably me.

On an unrelated note, while fatalism is a belief in fate, I always read it first as a belief that you are going to die. We should all probably be fatalists in that case. Time to come to terms with our morality gents.