Why does your blog need a FAQ?

Because my blog has become sentient, and thus respects itself. And like any self-respecting blog, it has a FAQ page. Like an asshole, it is making me write it. My blog is a jerk.

Has anyone actually asked these questions?

I assuming that everyone had asked these questions, but have just been too darn intimidated by how awesome I am to actually ask them.

In other words…


What does ODSGJ even stand for?

That’s the old title of the blog, and is the domain I’m stuck with for the time being. Don’t question it. Seriously, don’t. Prick.

As for what it stood for originally, that’s a secret, and you will never find out. Not even Wikipedia knows.

Is this supposed to be funny?


Why isn’t it?

Go away Mom.

Is anything you say even remotely true?

Oh, it’s all true. Every single word. Kinda rocks your world, doesn’t it?

Why does the asylum let you use a computer?

Funny story, they actually think it will be therapeutic for me to talk to people on the internet. Have they ever been on the internet? It’s infuriating. Obnoxious, really. What’s difficult is typing while wearing a straight jacket. My nose gets super sore. Maybe I should shorten my posts.

When do you publish new posts?

Ohhh. Trying to get me with this one? Well, the goal is every Wednesday morning, 5am. Now, I am in college, and I’m double majoring. I do shows, and I am on sets very often. It gets busy. I do my best but, no ones perfect. Jeeze. What’s with all pressure? Lay off man.


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