Things That Are Awesome

For all the things that are intrinsically awesome, look here! Looking at these things will increase your cool factor by 10%. Talking about them in the comments doubles it. Don’t forget to get you cool cards punched!

The Best Website Ever:

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency – The greatest collection of mainly satirical sometimes autobiographical always fantastic articles and short stories in existence. Never pass this up.

Blogs (by other people):

Reasonably Ludicrous – A crazy person who did get an english degree. Therefore, he is a blogger. Also, he’s hilarious and has his own cartoonist slave.

Eldon – Great autobiographical comedy, from someone you just can’t help but love.

Shit I Heart – I heart this shit.

Speaker7 – Anonymous funny person.

Creative Liar – Less anonymous, also funny.

My Internet Sketch Comedy Group:

We call ourselves Random Grenade. We like to think we are funny. If you like my blog, you’ll like this. Our YouTube channel is here.

Riding Velociraptors is also awesome, so read this webcomic.


One thought on “Things That Are Awesome

  1. Funnily anonymous. Tombstone get ready for an engraving of a lifetime.

    Also, thank you. Your about page made me snort. Which frightened my dogs. So double thanks.

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